For many physicians and other healthcare professionals documenting patient records has become more costly, reduced personal productivity and resulted in lower patient satisfaction. “Narrative transcription is a physician’s’ preferred way to create patient documents and populate electronic medical records.”


  • Increase clinician productivity
  • Reduce transcription costs by up to 50%
  • Increase care quality by preserving the complete clinical narrative
  • Improve patient satisfaction by eliminating the need for clinicians to use a computer during patient care
  • Allow clinicians to use mobile apps, speech recognition or traditional dictation devices to create and complete documentation
  • Enable document management and delivery to any EHR at no extra cost



Is your EHR slowing you down?
  • Improve
  • Save time
    , see more patients
  • Reduce time
     in front of a computer
  • Integrate transcription with your EHR
  • Lower documentation/transcription costs


As a physician or other healthcare professional…
If you have an EHR, does it keep you from practicing the way you wish?
With most EHR’s, we can build a transcription interface that allows you to practice the way you wish and we don’t charge you a dime. The interface allows Discrete Reportable Data to be auto-populated directly into an EHR.

Would you like to spend less time preparing records and see more patients?
By using narrative dictation/transcription to populate an EHR, studies have shown that a physician can see an additional two-plus patients per day.

Would you like a solution that continually addresses quality of care?
The Med MT solution helps increase care quality by preserving the complete clinical narrative.

Would you like to improve your patient’s overall satisfaction?

By spending less time in front of a computer and more time with the patient, overall patient satisfaction improves.

Would you like greater flexibility in preparing your records?

Our solution allows clinicians to use mobile apps (iPhone and Android), speech recognition or traditional dictation devices to create and complete documentation.

Did you know that approximately one-half of new EHR’s sold today are replacements?

Along with the cost and lost productivity, many physicians are dissatisfied with how their EHR requires them to produce a patient record.

Do you need a simple to use, uncomplicated, cost-effective EHR?
If you do not yet have an Electronic Health Record, would you consider one that gives you only what you need or want and that will reduce your overall cost and allow you to practice just as you wish?